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Our Mission

Sheridan Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a place where beginners can learn the basics of Jiu-Jitsu in a small class environment from instructors that really know the sport. We are also a place where seasoned players can be challenged to bring their game to the next level. Sheridan Jiu Jitsu is a small school with a handful of students, a place where the average person with no experience can come in learn a bit of the art and get a great workout in a nice,open environment. The school is a mix of upper level belts and beginners. SBJJ is a place where people ages 18 to 70 can learn and train and have fun doing it. Unlike traditional sports where you learn as a child, Jiu Jitsu is a sport that can be learned by all age groups. Jiu Jitsu attracts those that want more than exercising at the gym or running, it allows for an excellent cardio workout that is not too expensive or time consuming offers the flexibility to practice competitively if desired. Sheridan Jiu Jitsu is a fun, safe, welcoming place to enjoy the timeless art of Jiu Jitsu.

What is Jiu Jitsu?

For Beginners + Kids + Seasoned Players + Everyone else
a smaller person using leverage and proper technique can defend themselves against a bigger assailant

Jiu Jitsu began in Japan but the current style of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was born on the streets of Rio De Janeiro as a form of self defense. First seen here in the states in the UFC in the early 1990’s. Popular not just as a martial art, but as a lifestyle and a way to keep in great shape and have fun. BJJ focuses on grappling and ground fighting with the goal of gaining a dominant position and using joint-locks and chokeholds to force an opponent to submit. Training in BJJ does not include striking. Solo training includes bodyweight movements designed to enhance the strength, mobility, and flexibility of the practitioner. Drilling includes the repetition of positions or submissions against increasing degrees of resistance against an opponent. “Rolling” is free-sparring against a live, fully resistant opponent where both practitioners are attempting to implement various advantageous positions as well as submissions. One of the most important aspects of BJJ is that it promotes the principle that a smaller, weaker person using leverage and proper technique can successfully defend themselves against a bigger, stronger assailant. BJJ can be trained for self defense, sport grappling tournaments (gi and no-gi/submission wrestling) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competition. BJJ differs in some aspects from other martial arts in the criteria for grade promotion, which is almost exclusively based on practical expertise in free sparring and championship results. Its expected, although not always the case, that any BJJ black belt is extremely proficient in every applied aspect of BJJ and also perform well in competition.

  • low cost effective cardio

  • build confidence & skill

  • for kids & adults alike

  • train to compete in elite events

Our Instructors

Kevin Sheridan

Owner/Head Instructor
Kevin Sheridan studied under Master Alliance instructors including Fabio Clemente. Kevin placed 2nd at the World Championships in 2008 and received his black belt in 2010. Kevin opened Sheridan Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to have a competitive studio to train locally.

Michael Lazarte

Michael started training BJJ in 2003. He competed and placed in various tournaments as a white belt and blue belt from Grapplers Quest to NAGA. Recently awarded black belt, Michael enjoys teaching new students fundamentals, strong work ethic and self-confidence.

Alex Dasilva

Kids Instructor
Alex began his BJJ journey in 2001. Even when the responsibilities of life and injuries occasionally sidelined him, Alex pursued his BJJ passion, training with Nuno Macedo. Alex, a purple belt, joined Sheridan BJJ in 2013, soon becoming the loved and respected Kid’s class instructor.

Kyvann Gonzalez

Wow. Just look at Kyvann. This dude right here is ready to grapple. Don’t let his fierce, competitive stare fool you. He’s a supportive and friendly instructor who loves BJJ and serious workouts.

Sean Brandt

Sean Brandt began training in BJJ and Muay Thai under Master Bob Karmel in 2001. Sean studied Filipino Martial Arts & won an amateur MMA match in 2003. He is currently a brown belt. Sean joined Sheridan BJJ in 2014 – a place where practitioners have fun and continually learn, grow, and improve.

Mary Anne

Mary Anne has a background in Hapkido and with under 2 months training, she competed as a white belt and placed at the IBJJF NY Open. As a blue belt, she placed in her division at the NJBJJF. She loves incorporating discipline with fun, teamwork and personal growth.

Jeremy Hochheiser

Jeremy has been studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since 2010 under various instructors in NYC, CT and GA. Currently training at Sheridan BJJ, Jeremy is also the instructor for beginner classes ages 6-10. He is a purple belt, and is pursuing his 2nd master’s degree at NJIT for Comp Sci.

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