January 6, 2019

Who We Are

Our Vision is to better people’s lives through the practice and fellowship of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Our values make us who we are. More than just words on a wall, they’re the actions and beliefs at the core of everything we do at Sheridan BJJ, from how we treat each other on and off the mat, to how we show up for class, to how we live our lives.

Be Consistent.

Consistency makes it easier to show up for yourself – and everyone else in your life. Once you create a consistent rhythm, you’ll find it’s easier to follow through on the habits you want to create for yourself. We are what we do. Who do you want to be?

Have Fun.

Keep it light. Enjoy the moment. Be a kid again. Don’t take things too seriously.

Learn, Grow and Improve.

How you are on the mat is how you are in life. Always be searching for answers and continually pushing yourself to expand your boundaries. Jiu Jitsu is life. Life is Jiu Jitsu.

Be Respectful and Humble.

We show respect to each other and to the space we practice in – without exception. Humility is an important quality in self-discovery and a key to growth. Never forget that we all started out at square one.

Be Grateful.

One look at our building lets you know how important this is to us! Gratitude makes us better people. What we need is already in front of us. We just have to see it. Appreciate the value of what’s already there, and know that it’s enough. It will always be enough.

Kevin Sheridan

Our Story

Hi, I’m Kevin Sheridan – owner and head instructor at Sheridan Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that everyone comes to BJJ via their own path.

Many of my students were introduced to it by family or friends. Others drove by our school and got curious. Most were seeking out some mode of physical fitness or self-defense, and then were blown away by how much more they got out of the experience.

Whether students come to BJJ intentionally or unexpectedly, with preconceived notions or not, it’s always rewarding to see how profoundly it affects their lives. In my case, I grew up wrestling but had never hear of BJJ. In fact, I came to it completely unexpectedly.

An accidental discovery…

I began studying the art of Jiu Jitsu in 2001 under instructor Fabio Clemente. I literally stumbled into it after opening the wrong door in search of my sister’s Capoeira class. I opened the door to see guys rolling around in Karate outfits.

It wasn’t what I was searching for but it was exactly what I needed.

I asked the instructor what they were doing, and he replied “Jiu Jitsu.” I thought, “that’s a funny name, I’ve never heard of that…” so I decided to take a roll as they say. Black Belt Fabio Clemente gave me a whooping, and I was hooked. I hadn’t experienced a workout like that since college wrestling practice. It was fun!

A continued practice…

Over the years, I studied under Fabio and other Master Alliance Instructors, including Marcelo Garcia, considered to be the world’s most technically skilled Jiu Jitsu fighter, Babs Olusanmokun, and Lucas Lepri.

I was awarded my Brown Belt in 2008, and 5 months later placed second at the World Championships. I received my black belt from Fabio Clemente of Alliance New York in December of 2010.

Opening more doors…

After moving to New Jersey from New York City, I opened Sheridan Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Alliance New Jersey) to have a competitive studio to train locally. It’s important to me to have a welcoming space where people from all levels of experience and all walks of life can come together to train hard, laugh, relax and become a part of something bigger than themselves.

I’m proud of the fact that our students and instructors feel like they’re part of a family when they’re here. The camaraderie and support across all levels is special to our community, and you can feel it when you walk in the door. Every one of us was a beginner at some point, and we never forget that when introducing new students to the gentle art.

Self discovery, on and off the mat…

I’m devoted to teaching simple yet effective techniques, and I love helping experienced students to hone their craft and achieve new levels in competition. But just as much, I love to introduce a brand new student to the art and sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It’s incredibly rewarding to see the impact BJJ makes on all areas of our students’ lives.

No matter your level of fitness or experience, come check us out. If you’re seeking a friendly and supportive community to learn, grow, hone your craft, and have fun, this might be the place for you. Give me a call and I’ll tell you more about it.

Sometimes, the hardest part is walking through the door for the first time. Once you do that, you’ll be hooked.

Say hello…

I live in Maplewood with my wife and two kids, just a few minutes away from the studio. When I’m not rolling, you can find me in the office next door, as the owner and operator of Rutgers Painting, where we’ve been proudly serving our community for 26 years. If you see me around town, say Hi!

Our Community

Sheridan BJJ will be great for you if you:

  • Are a beginner, and expert, or somewhere in-between
  • Are any age, gender, or level of fitness
  • Are willing to work hard but have fun doing it
  • Have a friendly, collaborative spirit
  • Like to meet people with different interests (even if you’re shy)
  • Like to laugh
  • Are able to leave your ego at the door
  • Are open to learning
  • Value feeling like a part of a team and a community

It might not be the right place if:

  • You’re here just to get your aggression out
  • You’re not interested in learning more about yourself
  • You don’t play well with others
  • You’re not interested in being part of something bigger than yourself
  • You’re not willing to bring your full self to the mat
  • You don’t have time to devote at least two hours a week