January 29, 2019

Our Instructors

Kevin Sheridan
Owner/Head Instructor

Kevin Sheridan studied under Master Alliance instructors including Fabio Clemente. Kevin placed 2nd at the World Championships in 2008 and received his black belt in 2010. Kevin opened Sheridan Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to have a competitive studio to train locally.

Alex Dasilva
Kids Instructor

Alex began his BJJ journey in 2001. Even when the responsibilities of life and injuries occasionally sidelined him, Alex pursued his BJJ passion, training with Nuno Macedo. Alex, a purple belt, joined Sheridan BJJ in 2013, soon becoming the loved and respected Kid's class instructor.

Keith Wittenstein

Began training jiujitsu in 1997 under Renzo Gracie. In addition to teaching BJJ, I taught yoga for many years in New York and currently lead seminars nationally and internationally for CrossFit. I love training jiujitsu because there are few places where you will be as present and in the moment as when you are grappling.

Jerry Aquino

Jerry Aquino is a 4* Brown Belt under Professor Sheridan Has been training consistently since first starting in 2007 Sheridan Jiu Jitsu is a unique community with people from all walks of life come together to share the art of Jiu Jitsu Receives the most joy when sharing knowledge and having fun with teammates Super power - unreasonable pressure

Kyvann Gonzalez

Wow. Just look at Kyvann. This dude right here is ready to grapple. Don't let his fierce, competitive stare fool you. He's a supportive and friendly instructor who loves BJJ and serious workouts.